Meet Our Family


Since 1991, the Allen Family has traveled internationally. The group was launched onto the Gospel music scene with a first place finish in the 2000 National Quartet Convention Talent Search. Since then, the group has two nominations for Singing News New Mixed Group Of The Year and multiple appearances on the Southern Gospel Top 80 radio charts. Todd, Michelle, Joshua, Jared, Danielle, Abigail, Zachariah, and Christian live in their bus 365 days a year and fill over 275 engagements each year. In October of 2014, their original television pilot, Home Sweet Bus, premiered on TLC. The show is based on their unique lifestyle and follows their travels as they share the Gospel in song.

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Todd and Michelle

Todd & MichelleTodd and Michelle met as music majors at William Carey College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They were married on December 17, 1988. After three miscarriages, they were told by medical professionals it is biologically impossible for them to have children together. During the pregnancy with their oldest son, Caleb, they were told he would be born with spina bifida and if he survived he would not be able to function. They refused to abort and, through much prayer, delivered a healthy baby boy. To this day, Caleb has a hole on his shoulder – doctors say it is what spina bifida looks like when it is on the spine. Today, it is a reminder of God’s amazing power and plan for their family. Todd and Michelle now have eight children and their oldest is now married. Caleb and Steffanie gave Todd and Michelle their first grandchildren, twin boys, Jackson and Ashton.

Caleb and Steffanie

Caleb & SteffanieCaleb and Steffanie met when they were four years old. When Todd was pastoring a church in Michigan, Steffanie’s father, Kevin Dodd, was the music minister at their church. Caleb began telling people he would marry Steffanie when he was only nine years old. On February 14, 2012, she finally said yes and they were married later that year on October 13. In July of 2013, Steffanie gave birth to twin boys, Jackson and Ashton. January 12 of 2016, their third boy, Ezekiel was born. Caleb serves as office administrator for the ministry. Steffanie stays busy taking care of their children. It’s like having two full-time jobs!

The Girls

Gabrielle is the oldest daughter in the family. She is married to Robin Chartier and they live in Denver Colorado. In May of 2017, Gabrielle and Robin are expecting their first child: a baby girl.

Danielle is the middle daughter. She handles the ministry finances and is in charge of the bookkeeping.

Abby is the youngest of the daughters. Abby sings alto vocals with the family and is the Sponsor Relations Coordinator for Hope Mission’s International. She loves children and is in charge of the children’s ministry for the Allen Family’s mission trips to Uganda, Africa.

The Boys

Joshua is third-born and bass singer for the group. Joshua has acted in and worked on several Christian films, including his first feature, “Providence”, in which he had a leading role. Joshua is the social media manager for the Allen Family and has directed their series, “A Capella Sunday” on Facebook, and “The Allen Family Show” on YouTube.

Jared handles both the sound and media for live concerts as well as managing the website and email newsletter. Jared is the fourth child and sings lead and tenor vocals. Jared is also a blogger and published author of, “When You Live In A Bus”.

Zachariah is the inventory manager for ministry products and also sings tenor and lead vocals for the group.

Christian is the youngest in the family. Christian sings tenor and lead with the family and also plays harmonica.

Jackson and Ashton were born July 31st, 2013, to Caleb and Steffanie. In January, 2016 Caleb and Steffanie’s third child Ezekiel James was born.