Clinic For Christmas!

Exciting things have been happening for our ministry this year! A medical equipment broker in Hattiesburg, MS has offered to donate medical equipment to outfit a clinic in Uganda, provided we can raise the funds to purchase a shipping container and get it sent over there.

Great news! We have purchased a shipping container and it is sitting outside the warehouse in Hattiesburg! Over Thanksgiving week, we are getting things ready, packing them into wooden crates, and preparing the crates to be loaded into the shipping container!


This clinic is going to help so many people. We can’t wait to see that happen.

Right now, we are cataloging everything. There have been so many donations sent by so many people, and we thank you for everything you’ve done to help further God’s work in Uganda. But, sorting through everything, and keeping a detailed list of everything down to the weight, amount, what crate it it will go in, and many other details, is intensive work. Danielle is at a computer cataloging everything, while others of us are weighing things on scales, moving things around, or looking for things that will prove useful in a clinic overseas.

Ms. Pam Vidrine, who has worked with us in Uganda before and is a registered nurse, is here with us helping to decide what we need and what we could use in the clinic. Ideally, the clinic will be used by our mission teams when we come each year.

However, the medical equipment isn’t the only thing about which we are excited. Andrew, our missionary in Uganda, is also a general contractor. Once the container arrives in Uganda, Andrew will convert it into the first unit of the clinic and we will add on from there. It’s exciting to think that within a short span of time from the arrival of the container in the country in Uganda, it will be available to be used to help the people of that country. As always, our goal is not just to treat their physical needs, but through treating their physical needs and showing them that we care about them, sustaining their lives, we can reach them with the Gospel to save their souls.

God has given us a great opportunity with this medical clinic, and through people like you, He has blessed us with the opportunity to help people in other countries, and tell them about Jesus Christ. To God be the glory! We are so excited and ask that you would be praying with us for the continued success of this project.


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