VBS Day!

Dr Melodie talked about contentment this morning, using the verses about being content in whatever state we are in. With just the basic necessities we should be content.

She used an example of a woman who had to learn to be content in the good and bad situations. She had very little and prayed for a better situation, but God did not answer that prayer right away. The woman then challenged herself to be grateful and content regardless of her circumstances for the next 30 days and it changed her life. Contentment isn’t based upon our circumstances; it transcends our Circumstances because it is a choice. Discontentment makes the rich poor and contentment makes the poor rich.

“Nothing is measurable but that which is not so.” –Boathouse

It’s children’s ministry day! Literally everyone on this team is kindness itself and great with children. This is a day where we should all feel comfortable and content. Mike and JoJo are both feeling under the weather today and may join us after lunch, but for now they are staying at the hotel to rest and recover.

VBS- Nakatunya Church- Soroti, Uganda:

There was a wild flurry of flying beach balls as each team leader held up their color(one of the seven colors of the faith); children in a certain age group would get a colored sticker and go to the corresponding colored beach ball.

Rev. Francis led the children in a song at the beginning and then the Hope kids sang a few song for the group. Rev. Francis said a payer through a translator over the events of the day and all the children here. Then, as is the custom in Uganda, anyone who has anything to say does so. We had a group of children from Hands of Grace school come and recite scripture verses and sing a song.

Then, the groups dispersed in about as much order as 300 children can muster, and we each went to a different station. Me and Wes Yarber commanded the black team and Marrisa Yarber and Abby were in charge of red 1. We have a red 1 and a red 2 because of the way we share the colors of faith. The first red is sin and the second is the blood of Jesus. Our two groups, black and red 1 teamed up together and visited the stations as a single group. We had about 70 kids in our care ages 2-6. They were well behaved for the most part, but there were a few mischievous ones.

After snacks, our first stop, we went straight to the gospel station, then visual illustrations, games, and crafts.

Snacks were handled by Michelle Allen and Harriet, one of the matrons from Hope. Games were done by Rachel and Zach Allen; Visual Illustrations were done by Dave Coram and Josh and Christian Allen; crafts by Rachael Sutton and; and the Gospel by Caleb and Todd Allen. The rest of us lead the teams from station to station, keeping kids in line and making sure they have a good time.

The whole day went very well and we returned to Akello at 3:00. Several of us went across the street with a soccer ball and guitar. We sang songs and played soccer with them for several hours. It was a blessing to love on these children who, many of them have no parents and live on the streets. We brought them a little bit of hope, some fun, and the gospel through word and song. Mike Partain shared with them the John 3:16 coin and handed one of them written in Ateso to each child. Wes, Marisa, Abby, and I sang songs and JoJo handed each child a piece of candy. There is a mission field even as close as across the street here in Uganda. Pray that we would have our eyes and hearts open to seize every opportunity to be a witness for Christ in Africa.

Be sure to check out the Hope Missions International Facebook page for pictures!

–Jared Allen